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How Rice Can Save Your iPod Nano

August 27, 2010

There is something to be said about the old school first generation iPod Nano. Released and purchased in 2005, it has never failed me to-date. It has endured countless near death experiences: rain, snow, drops from various heights, left in the car in sweltering summer heat, mistaken for a dog chew toy, and at one point thrown across the room. Surely, I thought it would have died by now. After nearly 6 years, I’m thoroughly convinced that the iPod Nano first generation is truly an indestructible work of genius.

Resting on the confidence that my iPod was invincible, I became more careless with it. It has survived many near tragedies thus far. So why worry. However, recently my faithful little iPod nearly met its death.

– Forgotten in a windbreaker
– Thrown in the laundry basket
– Then tossed into the washer for a slow death which consists of a 30 min. wash, rinse, and spin cycle process
– Next, tumble dry to ensure the certainty of death

Within 2 min. of hearing thumping noises from the dryer…I opened the dryer door and found it peacefully laid to rest in the lint catcher. I was gutted. Call it wishful thinking, divine intervention or just simply short of a miracle…my iPod in fact did survive.

If you ever find yourself needing to rescue your iPod from a similar tragedy, here are a few tips and tricks to resuscitate it:

1. Immediately remove it from the hazard (obviously)

2. If it’s soaking in water, immediately dry and clean it with a towel. Don’t use any tissues as that will clump-up and add to the existing lint and other grime.

3. Don’t attempt to perform any invasive surgical procedures. Don’t play doctor/engineer by prying it open. Leave it alone.

4. Get rice and put it in an air tight container. Note: please don’t ask me brown or white rice. I don’t think the iPod cares. The rice will absorb any moisture. Not sure the science behind it, but it works.

5. Rest your iPod on top of the rice and close the lid. Do not bury it into the rice.

6. Let it recover in the container for a few days. I let mine sit for 5 days.

7. Take it out. Use an air can to blow out any debris.

8. Connect it to your Bose docking station or computer or whatever unit you use to recharge. I gave mine about 48 hours.

My iPod works perfectly fine now!

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