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How Rice Can Save Your iPod Nano

There is something to be said about the old school first generation iPod Nano. Released and purchased in 2005, it has never failed me to-date. It has endured countless near death experiences: rain, snow, drops from various heights, left in the car in sweltering summer heat, mistaken for a dog chew toy, and at one point thrown across the room. Surely, I thought it would have died by now. After nearly 6 years, I’m thoroughly convinced that the iPod Nano first generation is truly an indestructible work of genius.

Resting on the confidence that my iPod was invincible, I became more careless with it. It has survived many near tragedies thus far. So why worry. However, recently my faithful little iPod nearly met its death.

– Forgotten in a windbreaker
– Thrown in the laundry basket
– Then tossed into the washer for a slow death which consists of a 30 min. wash, rinse, and spin cycle process
– Next, tumble dry to ensure the certainty of death

Within 2 min. of hearing thumping noises from the dryer…I opened the dryer door and found it peacefully laid to rest in the lint catcher. I was gutted. Call it wishful thinking, divine intervention or just simply short of a miracle…my iPod in fact did survive. Read more…

Top 20 Facebook Quotes

Top 20 Facebook status updates collected in the last few months from my Facebook friends (in no particular order):

(1) Returned from exile. Just like Napoleon on Elba, sometimes a short egomaniac needs some time away.
(2) Thinks the BlackBerry auto-correct needs a major overhaul after nearly sending a text message saying “Good Mormons.”
(3) I don’t understand people who have a Facebook profile and no pic of
themselves on it??!! Are you really that ugly?! It just seems creepy and voyeuristic. And putting the same pics of cute kittens, that Obama ‘Hope’ pic or pics of sports teams and ‘artistic photos’ of blurry images is not clever it’s annoying. If I don’t know you and you don’t have a recognizable photo- I am not approving your friend request.
(4) Apolo Ohno uncanny resemblance to Zoolander!
(5) My mafia name is ralphie leathertnuts
(6) “this town may be full of retards and dumbasses, but shit we are still all Americans ain’t we?…” – Jason Stackhouse (True Blood)
(7) Saw a line of hundreds of people waiting to get the new iPhone this morning. These people need to get a life, but I’m sure Steve Jobs already has an app for that.
(8) Wonders why Gaby barks louder in her sleep than she does when she’s awake. The little dog sounds less like she’s chasing squirrels and more like she’s running CAA
(9) Completed his taxes, and now plans on doing something slightly more fun like dousing himself with gasoline next to an open flame
(10) Got a speeding ticket on way into work. This is completely unfair in Los Angeles. If you have the opportunity to speed during rush hour traffic, you don’t deserve a ticket. You deserve a medal Read more…